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Maths - Doubling and Halving 10-07

Literacy - Best Friends

Phonics - Red words 10-07

Maths - counting on and back

Literacy - My Reception Year

Phonics - 'oi or oy ay or ai'

Maths - Making 6

Phonics - 'ou or ow oa or ow'

Maths - Making 5

Phonics - 'er a better letter'

Maths - Writing and Ordering Numerals

Literacy - Shopping List

Literacy - Story time Handa's Noisy Night

Phonics - 'ur a nurse with a purse'

Phonics - Friday 3rd Red Words

Literacy - The Gold Giving Serpent

Literacy - Animal Description Day 3

Maths - Word Problems

Phonics - 'oa goat in a boat'

Maths - Halving word problems

Literacy - Animal description day 2

Phonics - 'ow brown cow'

Maths - Double word problems

Literacy - Animal Description day 1

Phonics - 'ai snail in the rain'

Maths - Doubling and Halving

Literacy - Animal Description Plan

Literacy - Handa's Hen story time

Phonics - 'oi spoil the boy'

Project work - The Caterpillar Song

Phonics - Red words there your some want

Literacy - Bilal and the Butterfly

Maths - Shape print and match

Phonics - 'oy toy for a boy'

Literacy - Handa story day 4

Maths - 3D shapes Stack or Roll

Literacy - Handa Story day 3

Phonics - 'ou shout it out'

Maths - Introduction to 3D shapes

Literacy - Handa story day 2

Phonics - 'ir whirl and twirl'

Project Work - Placemat

Maths - Revision of 2D shapes

Literacy - Handa Story Day 1

Phonics - 'air that's not fair'

Phonics - red word write

Literacy - The Crocodile & The Priest

Maths - Halving Mat

Literacy - What did Handa think

Phonics - 'or shut the door'

Maths - Sharing into Halving

Literacy - African surprise

Phonics - 'ar start the car'

Phonics - oo look at a book 1

Phonics - 'oo look at a book'

Maths - Sharing while representing an amount

Phonics - 'oo poo at the zoo'

Maths - Introduction to Sharing

Literacy - Hare and Tortoise

Phonics - 'ow blow the snow'

Maths - How many ways to show your double

Phonics - 'igh fly high'

Maths - 5 Frame Doubles

Literacy - Handa Surprise Story Map

Phonics - 'ee - what can you see'

Maths - Introducing Doubles

Literacy - Handa Surprise I Live

Phonics - 'ay'

PenPals Explanation

Literacy - Likes & Dislikes - Handa Surprise

Literacy - Handa's Surprise Story

Phonics - Red Words

Maths - Grouping into tens 2

Phonics - revision of 'ng'

Maths - Grouping into tens 1

Phonics - Revision of 'nk'

Maths - Estimate

Phonics - Revision of 'th'

Literacy - writing our own story Day 4

Maths - Pattern around a frame

Literacy - Writing our own story Day 3

Maths - Repeating Patterns

Literacy - Writing our own story day 2

Maths - Making a pattern of 3

Literacy - Writing our own story - Day 1

Maths - Bedtimes

Literacy - Coat of arms explanation day 3

Literacy - Coat of arms explanation day 2

Maths - Getting Dressed

Maths - Meal times

Literacy - Coat of arms explanation Day 1

Maths - Timetable

Literacy - Coat of arms explanation

Maths - exploring teen numbers using toys

Literacy - My Favourite

Literacy - To be a Prince/Princess you must

Maths - exploring 11-15 using 10 frames

Literacy - To be a Prince/Princess you need

Maths - Teen Flash Cards

Literacy - Rules to be a Prince / Princess Day 1

Duck in the Truck story story time

Poisoned Apple Story

Exploring Nine using the pencil picture

Mental Maths - Counting teddies

Maths - Representing Nine

Counting Spoons

Comparing Nine and Four (NumberBlocks)

Fairy Dust - Writing activity

Maths - NumberBlocks episode 'Nine' introduction

Character Speech Bubbles

Prince / Princess Description Sheet

Mixed Number Bond Problems

In Between Number Activity

Likes and Dislikes

Set 2 sounds with pictures

Set 2 sounds without pictures

Set 1 sounds with pictures

Set 1 sounds without pictures

The Rainbow Princess and the Warrior Princes

Reading Explanation Video

Here is a short video to explain how you can access the rising stars reading books to allow you to access reading books from home.

Maths Game

Here is a video description for the shake and spill game linked to the maths activity.