Year 2

Class retelling of Peter and the wolf

First three chapters of James and the Giant peach

Enjoy the first 3 chapters of James and the Giant Peach

2nd installment of the owl who was afraid of the dark

Enjoy the next part

The first part of the Owl who was afraid of the dark

Enjoy the first part of our new story

Mr Majeka chapter 7

Enjoy the next part of the story

Tuesday 2nd February - English

Today we are using our story maps to write the opening and build up to our invented journey story

chapter 6 Mr Majeka

Enjoy the nex bit of the story

Chapter 5 Mr Majeka

Good morning everyone, Enjoy

Thursday 28th January - English

Good morning. Today we are writing the ending to our innovated Monkey See, Monkey Do story. Happy writing

Wednesday 27th January English

Have a go at writing your resolution

Next installement of Mr Majeka

Good morning, enjoy the next installment of Mr Majeka :)

Tuesday 26th January - English

Good morning, Watch the video before having a go at writing your own character description using sentences of three. Happy writing

Monday 25th January English

Good morning, Watch the video to help you write the problem paragraph. Happy writing!

Next installment of Mr Majeka

Sit back and enjoy on Monday

Thursday 21st January 2021 English

Today we are writing the story build up. Remember to include all the parts of the toolkit. Happy writing

Class novel - first installment

Good morning everyone, enjoy the first installment of Mr Majeka

Wednesday 20th January - English

Good morning, Today we are using our plans created yesterday to retell our new story before writing our introduction with sentences of three. Happy writing!

Wednesday 20th January Topic- Alfred the Great

Look and see what you can discover about Alfred the Great. Why was he significant?

Tuesday 19th January English Innovate and box up your own story

Happy creating today

chapter 4 of Flat Stanley

Hope you enjoy

Monday 18th January maths - finding 10 more, 10 less on 100 square

Good morning everyone, Hope all is well. Today we are counting on and back in 10s as well as finding missing numbers in a 100 square. Happy maths work

Next installment of flat stanley

Enjoy chapter 3

Thursday14th January - English

Lets use alliteration in our writing. Good luck everyone!

New class novel - Flat Stanley

Sit back and enjoy our new book

Wednesday 13th January maths counting in 10s

Good morning. Today we are counting in 10s. Good luck

Wednesday 13th January English use adverbs to describe how something does s

Good morning Watch the video to see how to use adverbs in your writing

Next installment of the Hodgeheg

Enjoy the next installment

Tuesday 12th January 2021 Topic

Look at the timeline of our 60 sovereiigns. What facts can you discover before ordering 4 on a timeline

Tuesday 12th January English LO adjectives to describe a noun with a comma

Good morning, Please watch the video before completing the activity. Happy writing

Tuesday 12th January The Hodgeheg

Good morning, before Christmas we started the novel The Hodgeheg. Watch the next installment now.

Maths Recognise the place value of each digit in a 2 digit number

Good morning everyone. Watch the video, pause and complete each episode with me. I hope you enjoy the scratchy beard challenge at the end.

Sentences of three 11.1.20

Have a go at creating your own sentences of three using the story Monkey See, Monkey do as a stimulus.

Monkey see Monkey do

Watch and learn our new exciting story

Hook for our new Literacy story

Watch and think about what may have happened to the poor hat seller. Email your predictions in to your year group.

Write a holiday recount

Happy New Year. Watch the video and see if you can join in with the capital letter song. Then have a go at writing your recount. Remember to pause when I say to have a go yourself. Email to or send your finished recount in on seesaw

Thank you to our lovely governor Clive for our Christmas presents

silent night

Enjoy listening to our beautiful singing

Year 2 firework dance 1

Watch our amazing dance

Year 2 The Magic Porridge Pot retelling

Join in with our retelling